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I found myself next to you on Valentine's Day
The atmosphere is awkward, I don't know what to say
There's couples all around us, they are smiling at each other
Happy because they've got (ugh) one another

Though you wouldn't know it I have liked you for some time
There's butterflies in my stomach and I'm pretty that I'm
Going to ruin the mood if I tell you how I feel
But there'll never be a moment that will truly be ideal

So I muster up my courage
So I can convey
The way you fill my heart with joy
Like a child's on Christmas Day

So I go to break the silence
There's no turning back from here
Trying my best to channel
My inner Shakespeare

Fairest maiden, I look upon thee and I bequeath a request
I don't suppose you...

Want to try to some tandem? I mean do you want to messaround?
Do you want to see how low we both can get in our get downs?
Do you want to fall on the log? Do you want to spank the baby?
Gosh, maybe this would be easier if I just sang you "Call Me Maybe"
What i'm trying to say is perhaps maybe you'd like to try some pecks
Or do you want to go back to mine for some...pancakes?

The point is I've been gazing afar for much too long
And when I say I want to try scissor kicks, then please don't get me wrong
I'd love to go boogie down on you, and I won't leave you with itches
Or maybe we can do some hacksaws, or even try some switches
I've got a new connection point I'd really like to try
And I've got a close embrace that I'd love to modify

Not being able to be with you is half-breaking my heart
I want to be boogie forward with you, but I don't know where to start
I've been solo jazzing on my own and that time would be through
If I only had the courage to say I'd love to Tranky Doo you...
...think it's getting hot in here? I sure could use some breezy knees
No? You're fine? Then I guess it's just me
Listen, I don't want to practice shorty georges, triple steps, or even truckin'
Isn't it blatantly obvious i'm talking about ffffff...

Dancing! Do you want to dance? I sure do love this song?
Yeah, sorry for being weird back there, the day's been really long
Yeah, Valentine's is lame; I'd totally never confess my to anyone today...

[Trails off. Rambles incoherently. Stop talking. Please.]

But hey, at least you and I - with whatever partners you and I want - can dance the night away


from Silly Songs About Swing Dancing, released March 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Johnny Setlist Edinburgh, UK

Johnny Setlist makes music. You may listen or you may not. He is also quite fond of cake.

johnnysetlist [at] gmail.com

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