University of Swing

from by Johnny Setlist

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Listen up folks I've got a little song I wanna sing
It's about a place that we call the University of Swing
For over 400 years we've been teaching you to dance
Whether you're from America, Australia, or France

But on one special weekend
When we open up our doors
To invite all of you dancers
To dance upon our floors

So Huzzah! For the University of Swing
And just like in the real world, your degree here won't mean anything
Huzzah! Cause I think that you'll find that we're
The only university that won't cost you five grand every year

So here's to our Bachelors, so nervous before today
Now they're in the jam circle when "Sing, Sing, Sing" is played
And if a song at 200BPM comes on, then be sure to grab a Master
Though they'll likely be asking the DJ if they can play something just a little bit faster
And to our Master solo dancers, flying high on their own
Showing you can be twice as good as a couple, even when you're all alone
And of course our Doctorate students, the cream of our crop
Masters of the swing outs, and masters of the stops

So Huzzah! For the University of Swing
What more could you ask for from a place that gives you everything?
Huzzah! To the university that meets all your criteria
And if you're feeling peckish, be sure to check out our cafeteria

(Today's specials are: fishtail soup, pancakes, and we've got some really nice big apples. I'm so sorry.)

But don't forget our professors
To whom everything we owe
Passing down their wisdom
And teaching us everything we know

And if you have a dancing epiphany, where you shout "Eureka!"
Then chances are it came from a class you had with the DecaVitas
And Gosia and Kuno, from Copenhagen they bring their happy feet
Be sure to ask "vil du gerne danse?" if you're lucky enough to meet them
And Scottie and Trisha, what can I say? They're legends in our time
So much experience and knowledge, it can't be condensed into a simple rhyme

And our solo jazz king Sepp, full of such pizzazz and such flair
You'll wish you could put him in your pocket and take him everywhere
And you should get to know Cat, she know's where it's at
Anyone who has seen her will tell you she's all that
Don't think you can? Then you better see Cam
I don't even swing that way, but have you seen that guy? Dayuuummm

So Huzzah! And I hope you're shouting it with pride
Take the joy you get from here and spread it nationwide
Huzzah! To the University of Swing
And if you want to learn how to dance, then this truly is the place to begin


from Silly Songs About Swing Dancing, released March 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Johnny Setlist Edinburgh, UK

Johnny Setlist makes music. You may listen or you may not. He is also quite fond of cake.

johnnysetlist [at]

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